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WattsOn Pool
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WattsOn Cloud
Combine your computational power with cloud computational power
The first pool in Russia that lets users add cloud computational power to their own. Rent computational power at competitive prices foe 3, 6 or 12 months and start earning right away
WattsOn Save +3%
Safe storage. High income
In the pool`s dashboard you can find a unique offer that lets you safely store your mined funds for a period from two weeks to a year while earning 10% of this amount additionally per year
Additionally, every WattsOn Pool client receives a 3% yearly income to their balance
Daily payouts
Payouts to balance every month
0.001 BTC
The minimum payout amount lets you receive payouts more often
You earn more due to the lack of hidden fees
Our own computational power
Computational power provided by Wattson Hosting - a leading mining hotel
Russian tech support
We talk in the same language in the chat, on the phone and on Telegram
to connect
An easy-to-use wizard to guide you after your registration
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